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'Modern Screen,' September 1936: A cover, 'Godfrey' and more

For some reason, I've never written about the September 1936 issue of Modern Screen with Carole Lombard on the cover. I probably overlooked it because there were no features on her inside, but that doesn't mean the inside is bereft of Lombard -- far from it.

Universal was beginning its push for "My Man Godfrey," scheduled for release in early September, when this issue hit newsstands in late July:

The magazine also reviewed "Godfrey," giving it three stars out of four. (Its only four-star selection was MGM's "San Francisco," which had some legitimately excellent special effects shots for those pre-CGI days.)

Modern Screen also noted it was the first Lombard-Powell pairing since their 1933 divorce:

There's also a Lombard ad for Lux:

And speaking of Lux, note the plug she gave both it and new boyfriend Clark Gable when he appeared on the first "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast from Hollywood on June 1 of '36:

So what was inside? Here's the table of contents:

You can find the Gable story in the volume http://archive.org/stream/modernscreen1213unse#page/n1049/mode/2up -- but here's a pic of Clark with new squeeze Carole:

And Myrna Loy, a co-star of Clark and friend of Carole, had just married Arthur Hornblow, who produced the recent Lombard film "The Princess Comes Across":

"Godfrey" wasn't the only movie with an ad that issue. RKO touted Katharine Hepburn's latest vehicle "Mary of Scotland," directed by John Ford...

...while MGM splurged on spot color for the Joan Crawford-Robert Taylor teaming "The Gorgeous Hussy":

The issue is up for auction at eBay; it's listed in good condition. (According to the seller, there are "some tears on [the] back cover and mouse chew lower edge front cover." Bad mice!) As of this writing, two bids have been made, topping at #3.78. The auction doesn't have much time left, as it's scheduled to end at 5:49 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday. If you'd like to place a bid, or want to find out more, go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-Modern-Screen-Magazine-Carol-Lombard-/321950123358?hash=item4af5b9055e:g:p78AAOSwYaFWcJhN.

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