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A blogathon with lots of l'amour for Lamour

Carole Lombard and Dorothy Lamour each played dancers in Panama smitten with trumpeter Fred MacMurray in the 1937 musical "Swing High, Swing Low." One tends to think of them as residents of different cinematic universes -- Carole the high-spirited queen of screwball comedy, Dorotny the sultry exotic (no one better wore a sarong) who went on to hit the "Road" with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, singing songs along the way.

But their paths did cross...not just for this one film, but in several incidences away from the camera. And a few months from now, that's what I'll be discussing when I take part in...

...the Dorothy Lamour Blogathon, hosted by Silver Screenings (http://silverscreenings.org) and Font and Frock (http://fontandfrock.com), which as its name implies is a blog dedicated to classic Hollywood fashion. It's set for March 11-13, 2016, slightly more than three month from now.

Initially I asked to do something on both "Swing High, Swing Low" and the Lombard-Lamour friendship; then I noticed someone else had claimed an entry on that film, so I thought I'd shelve the former and focus on the latter. Now, it appears I can do a bit of both topics without worrying about stepping on anyone's toes:

And I'm looking forward to writing it.

Should you be a blogger who'd like to participate, simply go to http://silverscreenings.org/2015/12/02/announcing-the-dorothy-lamour-blogathon/ and sign up. It promises to be fun, focusing on an actress (and singer) who often tends to be overlooked.

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