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Help Myrna provide more 'Inspiration'

Every now and then, Carole Lombard provides me transcripts of conversations she has in Hollywood heaven, one perk of Carole & Co. that I truly appreciate (I'm prohibited from telling just how she supplies them). Anyway, one of Carole's best friends in the hereafter is Myrna Loy, and here's a discussion the duo had the other day:

Loy: I knew I'd find you here at the tennis match. You're always at a tennis match!
Lombard: I've got to cheer on my pal Alice Marble.
Loy: But here, she always wins.
Lombard: That's because I'm always attending. This is heaven, y'know. So what do you want from me?
Loy: Some help.
Lombard: About what?
Loy: My statue at Venice High. The one called "Inspiration," dedicated in 1923.
Lombard: Dear, it was rebuilt and rededicated five years ago (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/297003.html). It's now bronze, atop a seven-foot base, safe from vandals if not the occasional pigeon -- and I don't mean Walter.

Loy: You know his name is spelled with a "D." It's "P-i-d-g-e-o-n."
Lombard: Hell, I know that, even if many bloggers down there don't. So what's going on?
Loy: I recently learned Venice High's Alumni Association is raising funds to help care for it.
Lombard: (Sighs) Myrna, you've been up here for 22 years, and while you know we've been granted some magical celestial powers, donating money isn't one of them. If it were, I'd wipe out the national debt.
Loy: And set Congress straight on some other things. But I know you have a friend down there who runs that site dedicated to you.
Lombard: When he's not working on romantic comedy screenplays, yes.
Loy: Could you find a way to help him publicize the campaign? I know he's called me his second favorite classic Hollywood actress next to you -- and a few years before I left, he mailed me a photo of mine that I autographed.
Lombard: He'd be happy to, of course! Just give me the information.
Loy: Gladly. On the Web, people can go to http://www.venicehighalumni.com/help_myrna.htm. Here are the specifics:

Lombard: The only thing he may ask in return is the two of us getting Clark, Bill, Cary and some of our friends to table-read one of his scripts.
Loy: As long as that is kept confidential, it's OK with me.
Lombard: He once told me that he regularly rode past that statue on the Venice Boulevard bus, and always subtly blew you a kiss. (Pauses) Damn, I need a statue.

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