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That long-awaited book takes another step forward

Once Carole Lombard hears the news, she'll probably stop her nautical posing and go into a happy dance...because we figuratively are, too. We'll let the lady who's caused all this joy to explain:

See why we're happy? Thank you, Michelle Morgan.

It'll take a few months for reviewing, proofreading and editing -- but Michelle's an old hand at this (a pardon for using the "old" reference), and as of now everything's on track for the book, "Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star," to be released in the UK next September, with an American printing coming shortly after that, if not simultaneously. (Hey, that's how the publishing business works.)

As stated before, I'm thrilled because I assisted with the research (albeit only a little bit), and the book is dedicated to both myself and good friend Carole Sampeck, who administers The Carole Lombard Archive. Barring the discovery of her unfinished memoirs (not likely), this promises to be the last word in Lombard bios.

So while we're at it, let's give two of Michelle's other books some attention:

"Before Marilyn," an examination of Monroe's early modeling work in the late 1940s that Morgan co-authored, now is available stateside. (Here it is at the famed Powell's City of Books in Portland, Ore.) It's already been promoted in the New York Post, http://nypost.com/2015/11/21/how-norma-jeane-filing-cabinet-model-became-marilyn-monroe/, and the Daily Mail in London, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3330537/Beautiful-images-reveal-bored-housewife-Norma-Jeane-model-moment-reinventing-Hollywood-icon-Marilyn-Monroe.html.

Meanwhile, Michelle's Thelma Todd volume, "The Ice Cream Blonde," is getting rave reviews. The blog "Journeys in Classic Film" loved it, http://journeysinclassicfilm.com/2015/11/23/the-ice-cream-blonde-the-whirlwind-life-and-mysterious-death-of-screwball-comedienne-thelma-todd/, and it's been selected among the Huffington Post's "Best Films Books of 2015" -- it's even listed first, for what it's worth. Written by Thomas Gladysz of Louise Brooks Society fame (there was a lady who appreciated Hollywood history!), it's at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thomas-gladysz/best-films-books-of-2015_b_8615328.html.

In short, Michelle's forthcoming Lombard book will face high expectations once it comes out. But a year from now, I'm pretty confident it will get similar glowing reviews and proudly stand alongside Morgan's literary predecessors.

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