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Sign in, George

Above is George Raft, in the heat of dance passion with Carole Lombard in a still from their 1934 movie "Bolero." (Raft knew something about passion away from the dance floor, too; Lombard privately told friends that strictly in a sexual sense, he was the best lover she ever had.) The back of the pic confirms the film it's from:

But wait -- there's more, as the TV pitchmen used to say. You also get a Raft autograph...not from the movie, but signed on sky-blue stationery from the Dorchester Hotel in London.

One presumes this was from many years later, but it's nonetheless part of the package.

You have two ways of obtaining this: You can buy it straight up for $99.99, or make a bid beginning at $29.99. If the latter route is chosen, the auction will end at 11:02 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday. If you're a Raft fan -- and I know more than a few folks who are -- this is pretty tantalizing. (Incidentally, tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of Raft's death, which occurred only days after the passing of his close friend and one-time Paramount stablemate Mae West.) To bid or buy, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-GEORGE-RAFT-Ink-Signed-NOTE-BOLERO-1934-Still-8-x-10-w-Carole-LOMBARD-/391326218754?hash=item5b1cdc3a02:g:zmYAAOSwcBhWUTlt.

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