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Welcome back Anna, and welcome back, 'Mom'

Carole Lombard and Goldie Hawn long have been among my favorite actresses for their comedic brilliance, sex appeal, likability and intelligence both on and off screen. In recent years, we've found a worthy heir to the Lombard-Hawn tradition, and that is...

...Anna Faris, who's had some success on the big screen but of late has been better known for her television work. And at last, there's good news for fans of her series (and my favorite current sitcom) -- after more than half a year since the last new episode, "Mom" begins its third season tomorrow night at 9/8 Central on CBS.

Starring Faris as Christie (left) and multiple Emmy winner Allison Janney as her mother Bonnie, "Mom" -- which tells the trials and tribulations of two recovering alcohol and drug addicts with humor and heart -- has won raves from critics, not to mention a steadily growing audience. That's the good news.

Alas, it airs on Thursday nights, and CBS airs NFL games for the first half of the season on that evening. Hence the delay. (Some say the network picked it up only as a favor to its creator Chuck Lorre, whose "The Big Bang Theory" is the 800-pound gorilla of sitcoms.)

I'd like to tell you more about tomorrow's episode -- and thought I was going to when I attended the season's first filming on July 31 -- but Lorre and CBS threw me a curve (can I say that now that baseball season is over?). The episode I saw won't air tomorrow; hey, there's no obligation to air them in order of production. All I know is that we will meet Bonnie's birth mother (I have no idea who will play her), and since she wasn't mentioned during the ep I saw, I'm guessing she'll either be a recurring character or a one-shot. We will see.

Anyhow, even if you're not a sitcom person, check out "Mom" -- the writing and acting are top-notch, and there's usually plenty of poignancy to accompany the one-liners. I trust you'll become a fan, too.

(BTW, if you're wondering what happened to the earlier part of this entry, it has been removed by request of the seller.)

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