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This 'Love Before Breakfast' is literary French toast

The other day, we did an entry on Carole Lombard's first Universal film "Love Before Breakfast" as part of the Universal Pictures Blogathon. And wouldn't you know it -- a heretofore unseen goody associated with the movie just surfaced on eBay.

It's a French-language book of the film, issued in 1937.

According to the seller, this book has plenty to offer. It's 6" x 10" and 94 pages...with 16 of those pages comprised of photos from the film, such as this:

This item probably is a rarity in France; it certainly is on this side of the pond.

You can buy it for $49.99. Want to say "mais oui" to this offer? Then hurry and go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-LOVE-BEFORE-BREAKFAST-french-book-of-the-film-1937-/151873778414?hash=item235c61f2ee:g:EMIAAOSwYHxWOMbo.

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