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'Movie Life,' January 1938: Hello, dummy!

No, Carole Lombard's not doing her impression of Don Rickles (the master of insult comedy has had a long and terrific career, but it doesn't go back quite that far). Rather, Carole's posing with Charlie McCarthy, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's mischievous alter ago.

Lombard made five appearances on the Bergen-McCarthy "Chase & Sanborn Hour" on radio with mildly naughty Charlie (alas, only one episode survives, but perhaps daughter Candice has some of the other scripts in her family's archives). This was the January 1938 cover of Movie Life, when both Carole and Charlie were riding high...although in December 1937, Charlie's slightly risque skit with Mae West led to her being banned from network radio for several years.

What else was in that issue? How about going on location with Warners stalwart Errol Flynn...

..."Deanna Durbin's Dilemma," about the teenage Universal star...

...the self-explanatory "The Movie Life of Marlene Dietrich," about the leggy, lovely hausfrau...

...a charming portrait of Shirley Temple...

...and a two-page spread of candids called "Rehearsals":

You can buy this magazine -- listed in very good condition -- straight up for $32.50, or make a bid beginning at $25. The auction then would end at 12:43 p.m. (Eastern) Nov. 4, one week from Wednesday. (If the Mets-Royals World Series goes the maximum seven games and there are no postponements, the deciding game would be that night.) To buy, bid or find out more, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/Movie-Life-1-3-Carole-Lombard-cover-Flynn-Dietrich-March-Pons-Durbin-/141811271030?hash=item21049c4576:g:wawAAOSw5VFWHsT9.

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