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Getting some 'Sun' in the Herald

Carole Lombard was continuing to pay her dues at Paramount in the spring of 1932 when she made "Sinners in the Sun," better known now as Cary Grant's second movie. Grant was still a newcomer, so he didn't figure in the studio's advertising push, such as this ad in the trade paper Motion Picture Herald from its May 7, 1932 issue:

But that wasn't the only place in the publication you could find Carole. She's part of an eight-page hardstock spread publicizing Paramount:

Who was ahead of Lombard on the studio totem pole in the spring of '32? The folks you'd expect -- the Marxes, Marlene Dietrich, Harold Lloyd, Sylvia Sidney...

Lest you think the Herald that week was one big Paramount ad, let's set you straight, beginning with its traditional orange cover easy for exhibitors to spot in the mail pile:

How about an ad that was so big (two pages) to boost Barbara Stanwyck in Warners' "So Big," with future queen of the Burbank lot Bette Davis in a supporting role?

And RKO had John Barrymore (and Helen Twelvetrees) starring in "State's Attorney":

This issue, in good condition, is up for auction at eBay, with $99.99 the opening bid. The auction ends at 4:07 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday. Interested? Visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTION-PICTURE-HERALD-5-7-1932-CAROLE-LOMBARD-MARX-BROTHERS-BARBARA-STANWYCK-/381446003531?hash=item58cff41b4b:g:RLEAAOSwo0JWKUEk.

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