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carole lombard 05

'Hollywood,' December 1933: A second look at a Carole cover, plus inside...bare breasts!

Posted by vp19 on 2015.10.16 at 15:25
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Slightly more than a month ago, we ran this Carole Lombard cover as part of an eBay ad for the December 1933 issue of Hollywood magazine -- the issue immediately preceding the 10-year span of its being uploaded to the Media History Digital Library. Well, we're doing an encore, so to speak, because we have more inside pages, and they're shown at an easier angle to read.

Oh, and the bare breasts? They aren't Carole's, nor do they belong to any female star of the time. (Sorry.) Instead, they are part of a feature on filming in Bali, so we get to see said breasts in a non-Caucasian, National Geographic sort of way. In late 1933 -- some two decades before Hugh Hefner's Playboy began -- running bare white breasts in a magazine probably would lead to confiscation by the Postmaster General's office. (And speaking of Playboy, it will no longer print nudes as of next March's issue. Times indeed are changing.) Anyway, here's the two-page spread (there's a jump, presumably to a page with no illustrations):

Incidentally, don't you think it's rather ironic that decades later, Bali became the corporate name for a bra company?

Inside is more conventional fanmag fare, such as this fetching portrait of Claudette Colbert...

...followed by a two-page spread featuring Loretta Young, Margaret Sullavan and the still-with-us Mary Carlisle:

There's advice on men from a woman whose feminism is often hidden by her double entrendres, Mae West:

Articles on Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper and Joel McCrea:

A story on Toby Wing, the chorus girl famous for being, well, a chorus girl:

And finally, Norma Shearer's love story. (One guesses Joan Crawford ordered her secretary to clip those pages out before sending her the issue.)

It's 66 pages, in excellent condition, and you can buy it for $39 or make a bid beginning at $30. In that case, the auction lasts until 5:50 p.m. (Eastern) next Saturday. Find out all the particulars by visiting http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hollywood-12-33-Carole-Lombard-cover-Crosby-West-Shearer-/141801764973?hash=item21040b386d:g:7vkAAOSwo6lWHsyA

Carole shows off her swimsuit style (a comparatively modest outfit, even for the time) in Paramount p1202-776, our latest Lombard LiveJournal header.

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