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Once in love with Amy, er, Carole

Well, whaddya think?

Carole Lombard and Amy Poehler do have a sort of facial resemblance, I believe. I wouldn't be surprised if Amy is a fan of Carole's work, and I like to think that somewhere in the great beyond, Lombard likes a lot of Poehler's comedy, too. (The caption in Carole's pic is from the site pre-Code.com's November 2013 look at "Virtue," http://pre-code.com/virtue-1932-review-carole-lombard/)

The memory of that entry came up when I came across this image, up for auction at eBay:

It's yet another Lombard pic with a Poehleresque feel -- this one taken by renowned photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in the late 1930s, possibly for his October 1938 Life magazine feature on Carole. But this isn't from Life's files; instead, it's from a company in Copenhagen, as the back of the image includes a reference to the Danish capital, and the date Nov. 29, 1938:

It's 19 x 25.3 cm, roughly 8" x 10", and is gelatin silver. It's also somewhat costly, as one might expect for an Eisenstaedt original -- bidding starts at $350, with the auction closing at 8:25 p.m. (Eastern) Friday.

If you're interested in adding this to your collection -- or know Poehler (lucky you!) and would like to give her this as a gift -- go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alfred-Eisenstaedt-Vintage-1938-print-pix-pubblishing-inc-Carole-Lombard-/252111685605?hash=item3ab30707e5. And perhaps Amy should join the list of possible candidates for a Lombard biopic.

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