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'Hollywood,' December 1933: Carole on the cover, and advice from Mae

Carole Lombard's on the cover of the Decmeber 1933 issue of Hollywood magazine, and I wish I could tell you more about it...but, alas, the Media History Digital Library's run of the magazine begins with the January 1934 issue. (Damn.) So the pages we have here are the next best thing.

However, see the story on the side -- "Mae West Tells How to Handle Men"? Here are her tips, copied from Caitlin O'Sullivan's blog (http://caitlinosullivan.com/2012/02/13/get-your-man-or-men-vintage-dating-advice-from-mae-west/):


O'Sullivan also has this from Pert Kelton, who had some sex appeal of her own (check out her wisecracks as Constance Bennett's streetwalking buddy in "Bed of Roses"). She had some comments on "Topic A" in Grace Mack's story, "Curves Don't Make Sex Appeal":

Pert considers a romantic temperament and a lively imagination just as necessary as curves.

“If she’ll just hold the thought of what she wants to accomplish—imagine what it’s going to feel like to have him take her in his arms and kiss her the way she wants to be kissed—what she’s thinking will register in her face and in her voice when she speaks. Unless the guy’s dumb I’m telling you she won’t have to wait long for her wish fulfillment.”

Here are some of the other pages:

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