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'Bride'-al, sweet

You may not think much of 1934's "The Gay Bride" as a film -- Lord knows, Carole Lombard didn't, once publicly calling it the worst movie she ever made -- but you can't deny that MGM's high production values led to some superb publicity stills in this, the only feature Carole made for the studio. Take this pic, for instance:

It's Lombard and co-star Chester Morris in what the seller calls a "Terrific close-up portrait of the gorgeous CAROLE LOMBARD and the great CHESTER MORRIS as the leads in this hilarious satire of 1930s gangster movies!" (A satire, you say? That simply reminds me of the old Broadway adage that satire "is what closes on Saturday night." Carole herself might say that such a description merely is lipstick on a cinematic pig.)

Anyway, the shot -- an original 8" x 10", in fine condition -- now is available via eBay. You can buy it for $134.95 (or $23 for six months), or you can make a reasonable offer. Find out more by visiting http://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-GAY-BRIDE-1934-RARE-8x10-portrait-CAROLE-LOMBARD-CHESTER-MORRIS-mob-comedy-/321851770342?hash=item4aefdc45e6.

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