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Carole + cleavage =

...wow -- that's one sexy photo of Carole Lombard. The seller defines it as "1933...sensual pre-Code," and while it's undeniably sensual, I'm not 100 percent certain it's from '33. The hair has more of a mid-thirties feel to it, and while Lombard may have had some apparel with her initials at the time, I can't recall seeing any pictures with them from that period. And if it is indeed from mid-1934 or later, that would explain the absence of any studio stamp, from Paramount or otherwise, because there's simply no way that such a considerable display of cleavage would get past Joseph Breen's office.

What we do know at the photo is that it's oversized (11" x 14"), gorgeous and not an original pic, according to the seller, appropriately named "dreampinups"...and that it also can be yours, if you're willing to shell out $24.99. But if you're interested, do so pronto -- Lombard lusciously displaying her wares probably means it won't be around for long. Go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-1933-OVERSIZED-11x14-Hollywood-Print-SENSUAL-PRECODE-/261997912056?hash=item3d004adff8 to find out more.

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