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A potpourri of portraits

An assortment of Carole Lombard stills are being offered as a unit on eBay, including this rarity above from 1940's "Vigil in the Night," indicative of the resolve Carole gave to her character in this nursing drama. The item is being sold as "6 Glamorous Carole Lombard 8 x 10 Photographs," but the other five portraits better display that side of her -- for example, this early image, which may be from publicity sessions for her first Paramount film, "Safety in Numbers" from 1930:

This head shot is Paramount p1202-594, from about 1933:

A year or so later, Lombard teamed with George Raft for the dance film "Bolero," and they posed for this publicity still:

Carole again was a dancer in 1937's "Swing High, Swing Low," where this leggy pose hails from:

And finally, this image, which I'm guessing comes from her 1933 Paramount film "White Woman":

The seller states, "Aside from some minor denting, these prints are in excellent condition." You can purchase the group straight up for $23.99 or place a bid starting at $16.99, in which case this becomes an auction lasting through 6:01 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday. To find out more, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Glamorous-CAROLE-LOMBARD-8-x-10-PHOTOGRAPHS-/161782726455?hash=item25ab007f37.

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