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Lombard throws a party

Ever since her divorce from William Powell in 1933, Carole Lombard had become renowned in the Hollywood community as a party-giver. Most of them were conducted at her home on Hollywood Boulevard, but in June of 1935 she rented the Ocean Park amusement park in the seaside community of Venice and threw her biggest party yet.

Several hundred families of movie people she knew were invited, and befitting Lombard's egalitarian attitude, guests ranged from fellow actors to crew members and technicians. A splendid time was had by just about everybody, as much of the industry celebrated all Sunday long, courtesy of Carole.

Here are a few candid pictures of that wonderful event.

First of all, how's this for star power? From left, there's Lombard, up-and-coming Cary Grant, the seductive Marlene Dietrich and veteran star Richard Barthelmess. Sort of overlooked today, Barthelmess had been a star since the late teens {"Broken Blossoms"), and had just finished a series of fine, intelligent pre-Code films that deserve further examination.

Lombard again, this time with Frances Drake at far left (who had a supporting role in "Bolero") and veteran character actress Josephine Hutchinson:

While Carole goes to mingle with some other guests, let's witness this group shot:

Who are these people, you ask? Well, a few of them you probably know already, but we'll identify them all:
Standing -- Mitchell Leisen (director), Henry Fonda, Ruth Chatterton, Richard Barthelmess and Louise Fazenda. Sitting -- A.C. Blumenthal (producer), Lois Wilson, Albert Kaufman (Paramount executive), Jessica (Mrs. Richard) Barthelmess, Leila Hyams and Randolph Scott.

Lombard and Dietrich again, but who are the man and woman on the other side of Carole? Thanks to you, we've determined it's probably Errol Flynn (whom we know was at the party) and Lili Damita.

Gee, Marlene is getting around. See her on the slide with...Claudette Colbert!

Oh, and one more of Lombard with Chatterton and Barthelmess (whom she probably became friends with while married to Powell); this one's rather goofy:

Lombard promoted this as "her last party"; it really wasn't, but in the future, the events she hosted tended to be far more informal and less gaudy.

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