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Lombard, en espanol

In the past, we've noted Carole Lombard's popularity by speakers of other languages, especially Spanish (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/39754.html). Well, here are several more examples.

The first one dates all the way back to 1929, for a publication called La Prensa. With the phrase "Edicion Dominical," it's the Sunday edition (thanks to someone for pointing this out); this is likely some sort of rotogravure supplement. As La Prensa is a fairly common name for Spanish-language publications, I'm uncertain in which country this originated.

Here are four covers from Cinegramas, a Spanish magazine, in the mid-thirties. It's apparent they are color-added versions of Paramount stills. We're not sure of the dates of the first two, but the latter two are from November 1934 (with hat) and March 1935, respectively.

The Spanish-language magazine Cinelandia, which was published in Hollywood, ran this cover of Carole for its July 1936 issue:

Finally, here's Lombard on the cover of Cine-Mundial in October 1937:

More proof that beauty indeed transcends language.
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