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Paying it back via a goofy reunion

carole lombard twentieth century john barrymore inscribed 00a

I'm not precisely certain when Carole Lombard received this inscribed autographed picture from John Barrymore, but if it was given to her at the wrap party for 1934's "Twentieth Century," she may well have floated home that night. Getting approval from Barrymore, one of the industry's most distinguished actors, was a compliment Carole truly appreciated after several rather undistinguished years as a leading lady.

Three years later, the tables were turned. Lombard had vaulted into a top-tier star, while Barrymore's dissolute life, fueled by drink, had taken its toll, and his career was in decline. However, Carole hadn't forgotten how Barrymore coaxed her into a superb performance in "Twentieth Century"; now it was her turn to pay it back.

For what would be her final film at Paramount, "True Confession," Lombard insisted Barrymore not only play a key supporting role, but be billed third behind Carole and co-star Fred MacMurray. It briefly helped his career, as John sparkled in this farce. Here he is with Lombard (playing a habitual liar), both looking rather silly:

carole lombard true confession 63c

This delightfully zany vintage photo is up for auction at eBay. While the back is blank, here's the photo with borders:

carole lombard true confession 63

It measures 8" x 10", is in good condition, and the seller describes it thus: "Folds in the corners. Small surface details only seen if direct light is applied. Pinhole marks. Fold marks in the borders."

Bidding begins at $24.50, with the auction ending at 5:10 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday. If you'd like to add this relative rarity to your collection or would like to learn more, visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROL-LOMBARD-JOHN-BARRYMORE-in-True-Confession-Original-Vintage-Photo-1937-/151557705260?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item23498b0e2c.

And today, I admit to being a bit goofy myself, but then again nearly all Washington Nationals fans are feeling this way. Pitcher Max Scherzer, the biggest prize in this year's free-agent draft, has agreed to a seven-year deal, with half of his $210 million deferred to the following seven years. (This allows the Nats some flexibility in controlling their roster, including its loaded starting rotation, over the next few seasons.) Welcome to the world of the curly "W," Max, and help bring D.C. its first World Series title since the original AL Senators achieved it in 1924. With Scherzer on the Nats and both University of Maryland basketball teams leading the Big Ten, all is right with the world for this Washington-area emigre.

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