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Wisconsin plays 'Fast And Loose'

carole lombard fast and loose 04a

"Fast And Loose" has some significant singularities in the Carole Lombard cinematic canon. It was the only film she ever made in New York, and her lone movie with the famed character actor Frank Morgan. It's also her only teaming with Miriam Hopkins, whom she'd battle for roles over the next decade, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. And finally, while it wasn't the first time she used the first name Carole with an "e," she would retain that spelling from then on.

An item related to that film is now on sale at eBay -- a program from the West Bend (Wisc.) Theater:

carole lombard fast and loose 012631 west bend theater 00a
carole lombard fast and loose 012631 west bend theater 01a
carole lombard fast and loose 012631 west bend theater 02a

Some other movies of note were playing there, including the Charles Ruggles "Charley's Aunt" (an adaptation of a play later brought back to film as a Jack Benny vehicle) and Ernst Lubitsch's "Monte Carlo" (featuring "Beyond The Blue Horizon").

Here's an enlargement of the "Fast And Loose" ad:

carole lombard fast and loose 012631 west bend theater 03a

Note that here, for some reason, Lombard is billed above Hopkins (although the accompanying illustration looks more like Miriam than Carole).

The seller wasn't sure what year the program was from, but a check of the calendar links the dates to 1931.

The West Bend theater opened in 1929, and is shown below from 1954 ("The Caine Mutiny" is playing):

west bend cinema 1954

It's still around, though triplexed, and officially is known as the West Bend Cinema Brewhaus.

You can buy this program -- which, unfolded, measures 9.5" x 7" -- for $11. Visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/Origl-1930-WEST-BEND-WISCONSIN-THEATRE-MOVIE-PROGRAM-Jack-Oakie-CAROLE-LOMBARD-/191458647916?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c93d31f6c to learn more.

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