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Looking 'Golden' for Lombard, Gable and Matzen

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Imagine if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had existed some 75 years ago, living not in a society dominated by TMZ but instead by mostly fawning (if sometimes perceptive) fan magazines. Now amplify the adulation. That's more or less the world Carole Lombard and Clark Gable inhabited for several years.

To remind us of just how it was, Robert Matzen, author of the acclaimed book "Fireball" (the definitive source regarding the January 1942 Lombard airplane crash that suddenly ended this halcyon era), has written a piece on Clark and Carole as the "Power Couple of the 1930s. It can be found in the latest issue (No. 78) of Films Of The Golden Age -- and guess who happens to be its cover subject?

carole lombard films of the golden age 78a

Matzen examines Gable and Lombard's similar yet dissimilar Midwestern roots and their rise to prominence before meeting cinematically for "No Man Of Her Own" (although he doesn't note that Carole didn't become Clark's leading lady until Miriam Hopkins backed out of the role in a dispute over billing). He resumes with the start of their prolonged romance in 1936, culminating in their March 1939 marriage. It's worth checking out.

Counting a two-page overpiece of the couple from "No Man Of Her Own" and a one-page ad for Matzen's book, this piece consists of 10 pages -- certainly the most detailed exposure Lombard has received in the magazine since she was its cover subject back in the summer of 2001:

carole lombard films of the golden age 25a

Clark and Carole also received coverage in Films Of The Golden Age's sister publication, Classic Images, using this lobby card on the cover of the November 2014 issue as a sort of cross-promotion:

carole lombard no man of her own lobby card 01a

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