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Fifty? That's nifty!

We recently received some wonderful news. This week, "Carole & Co." gained its 50th member -- a milestone for any LiveJournal community. We thank all of you who have joined over the 7 1/2 months we've been around for your support, input and encouragement.

If you know people who are fans of the classic era of Hollywood, by all means introduce them to this community. We think we have a lot to offer, and the more members we have, the more productive "Carole & Co." will be. So please, tell a friend -- spread the word. (And if you're checking us out and are not yet a member, we cordially invite you to join.)

It would be wonderful if we could double in size and reach 100 members by Oct. 6, the precise date of Carole Lombard's centennial.

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