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It's my birthday, so I'm taking a break

Methinks Carole Lombard's got a good idea there, so I'm going to follow her lead and relax today. And why not? I turn 59 today (darn, I feel like a geezer), and yesterday I officially became a Californian when my state ID card arrived. (Even though I can't drive anymore, thank you, DMV.)

Not doing much today, in part because suddenly I'm having problems with my desktop modem, and I'm back to where I was for much of July -- using a laptop, looking for a place with wi-fi. The company will send a repairman to the apartment on Sunday to solve the mess, so if I miss a day between now and then, please understand.

Tonight, I'll follow my annual ritual of watching a ballgame on my birthday, specifically the San Diego Padres' visit to Dodger Stadium to open a three-game series. I'm in a pretty happy mood baseball-wise because my favorite team, the Washington Nationals, have won seven in a row -- the last three on walk-offs -- for a six-game lead in the National League East. Life is good for this D.C. emigre. (The Nats begin September with a three-game series in Los Angeles, and I already have my tickets for what might be a postseason preview.)

So have fun the rest of the day, and I promise to get back to business tomorrow...and Helen Bartlett, rest assured that's no lie.


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