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'The Circle,' behind the scenes

carole lombard nbc 011139a front

For our latest foray into Carole Lombard material in the Media History Digital Library, let's look at Broadcasting magazine, which had a very intriguing brief in its Dec. 15, 1938 issue:

carole lombard broadcasting 121538a

So the original plan by Kellogg's was to build the show around Lombard -- but as we all know regarding Hollywood, it's difficult to get female-oriented projects going. So the concept was changed somewhat to the program we know as "The Circle," where Carole was associated with Ronald Colman, Cary Grant and others.

carole lombard the circle 02c

Broadcasting ran a brief on Jan. 15, 1939:

carole lombard broadcasting 011539a

But "The Circle" turned out to be a disaster, and Carole jumped from the sinking ship, as the magazine reported on March 1:

carole lombard broadcasting 030139a
carole lombard broadcasting 030139b

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