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The 'Stars' come out tomorrow!

Turner Classic Movies begins its always-welcome Summer Under The Stars promotion tomorrow, and above are two of this year's honorees -- William Powell on the 9th, and ex-wife Carole Lombard on the 10th.

Quite a few other Carole contemporaries will have SUTS days. They include David Niven (Aug. 2 -- he had a supporting role in the 1938 Lux Radio Theater adaptation of "My Man Godfrey"), Judy Garland, Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Muni and James Stewart (Aug. 4-7), Cary Grant (Aug. 13), Claudette Colbert (Aug. 18), Lee Tracy (Aug. 21), Dick Powell (Aug. 25) and Betty Grable (Aug. 30).

If you go to http://summer.tcm.com/, it now has pages for all 31 stars to be honored, including a career overview, biography, films to be shown on his or her day and even a social space for fans.

As usual, it promises to be fun...especially with Lombard being part of SUTS for the third time (she previously was honored in 2006 and 2011). Hope your system carries TCM, and if it doesn't, make friends with someone who has it.


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