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Homeward bound...to my new home

This photo of Jane Alice Peters (the future Carole Lombard) and her mother and brothers was taken in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1911; three years later, the four of them would be headed to Los Angeles. Today, I am finally doing likewise.

The moving vans have picked up what I am transporting from Charlottesville, Va., the apartment has been cleared out, and by day's end I'll have returned to my new apartment after being away for two weeks, preparing for a rather hectic upcoming week, as I gradually settle into a new routine. On Monday, cable, phone and Internet service will be installed, I'll secure a storage space a few blocks away, and some furniture is expected to be delivered from the Glendale Galleria.

But it will be worth it.

Just as it did the Peters family a century ago, so has Los Angeles seduced me. She dazzles you with her beauty, surprises you with her substance, and gradually you come to realize just how special she is...and how completely she's got you under her spell. It's a city poised for a dynamic future, but also aware of its colorful past -- and I intend to fully explore part of that past, even more so than I have for the past seven-plus years.

Soon I'll be living fully on Pacific time, becoming acclimated to ballgames back east that start at 4 p.m., or discovering what happened at the closing bell on Wall Street at 1 p.m. (KNX, the Los Angeles all-news station, does a full hour financial report from 1 to 2 p.m. each weekday, something its eastern brethren can't duplicate because they're in the midst of the afternoon rush hour.)

Yes, homeward bound...makes me think of a song...

The latest Lombard LiveJournal header is Paramount p1202-480, taken by Eugene Robert Richee.

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