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The Paramount stills, part 2

Slightly more than a month ago, we ran some of Carole Lombard's earliest promotional stills she made during her seven-year tenure at Paramount (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/58854.html). Well, here's the next part of the series, as the look of subject P-1202 (the prefix the studio used for Lombard photos) evolves.

Let's begin with P1202-218, 219 and 247:

Next, P1202-260, 263 and 265:

Finally, P1202-268, 276 and 279, when Lombard appears to be trying to adapt the Dietrich style (depending upon her mood at the time, Marlene might have used an early-thirties equivalent of "rip off"):

Some more Paramount pics in a few weeks.
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