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Cheers to a lead-in 'Under The Stars'

Posted by vp19 on 2014.07.18 at 01:51
Current mood: amusedamused

Turner Classic Movies has released its promo for this year's "Summer Under The Stars," its annual August extravaganza, and Carole Lombard (the Aug. 10 honoree) is shown in a snippet from "Nothing Sacred." You can view the promo at http://summer.tcm.com/; the entire schedule can be seen in PDF form at http://693938498.r.cdn77.net/schedule.pdf.

(That PDF features caricatures of all the honorees...Carole's shows her putting up her dukes in the "Nothing Sacred" fight scene.)

The promo also includes Aug. 9 honoree (and SUTS newcomer) William Powell blowing smoke rings in "The Thin Man" as only Powell (or Nick Charles) can:

Some more things to know about Carole's day:

* "True Confession," to air at 10 p.m. (Eastern), is indeed a TCM premiere;

* While "Fools For Scandal," which airs at 3 a.m., is the final true Lombard film of the night, it will be followed at 4:30 by "The Golden Age Of Comedy," a 1958 compilation which shows part of Carole's silent Sennett short "Run, Girl, Run";

* Every SUTS artist this year is getting a hashtag for the Twitterverse, and Carole's is #LombardTCM.

Finally, I want to note that my Facebook friend Francine York will be among the more than 75 celebrities appearing at the "Hollywood Show" today through Sunday at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel (http://hollywoodshow.com/main.php); other notables expected to be on hand include Shirley Jones, Barbara Eden, Sybil Danning and more. Alas, I'm back in Virginia clearing out my old apartment and won't be able to attend, but if you do go, tell Francine I said hello.

A few weeks ago, Marilyn Slater of the "Looking For Mabel" blog took some photos of Francine while she was attending the Diane McBain book signing at Larry Edmunds bookstore (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/705489.html). Here's another shot of her -- and look who's also in the picture. Yep, it's moi...and for once, I actually photographed well! I credit Francine, whose presence forced me to "raise my game," so to speak.


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