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carole lombard 04

And so the move begins

Posted by vp19 on 2014.06.19 at 01:47
Current mood: giddygiddy

Before this day is over, I will complete my first step in becoming a resident of the city Carole Lombard called home for more than 27 years. First by train, then by plane (two flights, to be precise), I will leave Virginia for Los Angeles. By the next time I return east to clear out my old apartment, I will have settled in a new one in the City of the Angels.

To say I'm thrilled would be a massive understatement. This is something I've wanted to do for years, but now the time is right to uproot my East Coast heritage and begin living on Pacific time.

Day or night, Los Angeles casts its seductive spell. Yes, there's plenty to see for classic film buffs -- and I plan to use the myriad of resources -- but I also know LA is far more than this. It's a multi-faceted city, America's economic link to the new wealth that is the Pacific Rim, and its hard-working citizens belie the "Tinseltown" stereotype.

I'm also arriving less than a week after the Kings won their second Stanley Cup in three years...and just after another fine LA athlete sort of extended his own greeting. Ace Dodger lefthander Clayton Kershaw fired his first no-hitter in beating Colorado 8-0, striking out a career-high 15 without allowing a walk (one batter reached base on a throwing error). Vin Scully has called numerous no-hitters (and a few perfect games) during his 65 years in the broadcast booth, but missed Josh Beckett's no-no in Philadelphia last month (at 85, Scully rarely goes on the road aside from games at San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix), but he was behind the mike for this one. For some reason, I can't embed this, but go to http://www.dodgers.com and you should be able to find Scully's highlights, as well as the final out and subsequent celebration at Dodger Stadium.

This evokes memories of what may be Scully's best-remembered regular-season call, Sandy Koufax's perfect game against Chicago in the midst of a pennant race in September 1965. The game wasn't televised in LA, but Scully's radio play-by-play is justifiably legendary. You can hear the ninth inning in a variety of audio formats at https://archive.org/details/VinScullyCallsThe9thInningOfSandyKoufaxsPerfectGame.

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