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Where's he been? Here's the answer

One of the things this site dedicated to Carole Lombard prides itself on is doing an entry every day, so when a day (or, in this case, two) goes by without an entry, some people raise red flags of concern. No need to worry; unlike what happened 18 months ago, when I tore a ligament in my right knee and was without Internet access for nearly three weeks, I'm in reasonably good health. Here's the cause for my relatively brief absence.

I'm housesitting for my brother in Maryland, who's currently in Florida looking for a new apartment. I arrived Monday, and things went fine with wi-fi until a storm came Tuesday night. Since then, my laptop has been rendered useless, save for brief trips to a restaurant with wi-fi access. I can't spend too much time online, so I have to keep this brief.

Rest assured, I should be back home by Monday night. Until then, it'll be catch as catch can, for which I apologize. Take care.

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