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Happy 104th, Cary!

Today marks the 104th anniversary of Cary Grant's birth (he was, of course, born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England). He's arguably the actor most identified with the screwball comedy genre, just as Carole Lombard has that honor among actresses, although sadly, they never co-starred in a comedy.

Grant appeared in three Lombard films: "Sinners In The Sun," when he was just starting as a film actor; "The Eagle And The Hawk," an ensemble piece where Lombard has a small role; and their only co-starring effort, "In Name Only," a solid 1939 romantic drama which also features Kay Francis.

Some pictures of Carole and Cary from "In Name Only":

And here's one of Grant, Lombard and their fellow cast members on NBC's short-lived "The Circle" series...but look who's "romancing" Carole -- not Cary, but Groucho Marx!

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