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Hands across the table, Los Angeles style

Carole Lombard played a manicurist at a posh New York hotel in the 1935 romantic comedy "Hands Across The Table." This morning, I was in that sort of environment, only in downtown Los Angeles. Not at the hotel I'm currently in, but in one Lombard knew well -- the Biltmore, at Pershing Square:

That hotel, which opened in 1923, is where several Academy Awards ceremonies were held, including the 1937 event where Carole was nominated for "My Man Godfrey" the year before.

This morning, I needed a haircut to face the world (or apartment supervisors), so I looked for a place, and found the Visage Aveda salon. Men's haircuts, regularly $40, were now $25, so I thought I'd take advantage of a bargain.

I got the haircut, but first waited for a charming lady originally from the Midwest, now living in Uruguay, while she got a pedicure and manicure. Then I was serviced, and the staff did a superlative job. Now, shorn of once-shaggy locks, it's time for me to look for an apartment. Again, wish me luck.

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