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A display of British 'Virtue'

carole lombard virtue 02c

"Virtue," one of several Carole Lombard films whose reputations have risen in recent years, is crossing the Atlantic next month to be part of a special retrospective by the British Film Institute.

The BFI is holding a 21-film festival, "Hollywood Babylon: Early Talkies Before the Censor," during May, and "Virtue" is included, part of a twin-bill with Miriam Hopkins' raunchy "The Story Of Temple Drake" (an adaptation of William Faulkner's "Sanctuary"). Of "Virtue," the BFI writes that "Lombard was famous as a radiant comedienne [when this film was released in 1932, she was best known for her beauty, not for any particular form of acting], but with a smart and snappy script -- by Frank Capra-collaborator [and Lombard romancer] Robert Riskin -- 'Virtue' reveals her as a fine dramatic actress." (Both the movie and Carole's performance received generally positive reviews at the time it came out, but it caused no immediate change in her career.)

Here's the complete brochure detailing this retrospective; as you see, Lombard and "Virtue" are in good company:

carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 00
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 01
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 02
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 03
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 04
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 05
carole lombard bfi hollywood babylon 06

Some appropriate double-bills ("Jewel Robbery" and "Trouble In Paradise"; "Night Nurse" and "Baby Face"; "Employees' Entrance" and "Taxi!"). If you're a classic film fan who'll be in London during May, this event is a must-see. Get more information at http://www.bfi.org.uk.

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