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Making friends at the festival

Posted by vp19 on 2014.04.13 at 22:33
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It's been a blast meeting people at this year's TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, people wh share my enthusiasm for Carole Lombard in particular and classic movies in general.

Had a pair of sustained conversations -- one Saturday evening, the other this afternoon -- with Lara Gabrielle Fowler, administrator of Backlots (http://backlots.net). Lara is working on a book about Marion Davies, and judging from the research she tells me she's doing, this project will feature plenty of information about the sweetheart of San Simeon that's never found its way into print before. To that end, she's also planning to move to Los Angeles, though she would only have to journey a few hundred miles, from the Bay Area.

Another person I met face-to-face, although prior commitments prevented her from joining us Saturday for tea and coffee, was Jessica Pickens, owner of Comet Over Hollywood (http://www.cometoverhollywood.com), a site well worth checking out. Sorry I was unable to spend more time with her

That's the good news. The bad news is that while Lara and Jessica got to see films -- and plenty of them -- during the festival, I lacked such luck. Without a pass, I was limited to stand-by status, and my viewing was limited to seeing "The Thin Man" at the Egyptian Friday morning. Over the weekend, I made two efforts to see "Employees' Entrance" and one more for "Fifth Avenue Girl," but there was no room at any of the showings. Frustrating, yes, but no complaints; after all, I planned this late in the process...and lest I remind you, the primary reason for my visit was not to see the TCM Classic Film Festival, but to find an apartment in Los Angeles. I'll check on some more leads Monday before leaving Tuesday.

Next year, I intend to attend the TCM festival as a full-fledged participant -- and assuming it's again held in Hollywood, this time, I won't need to stay in a hotel.


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Good luck with the apartment search. It's a wonderful thing how the shared love of classic film brings people together.

- Caftan Woman
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