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And the festival begins

The 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival kicked off in earnest today, and I dropped by the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt to be a part of it. (To a point, alas; since I arranged my trip to Los Angeles too late to secure either a pass or media credentials, any showings I see will be on a stand-by basis. But it's the atmosphere that makes this event fun.)

The general public could watch what was going on this afternoon, since the passholder-only Club TCM didn't begin until evening. And I got to see Mr. TCM, Robert Osborne, in the flesh himself, interviewing famed director-producer-actor Mel Brooks (it's the 40th anniversary of "Blazing Saddles," which will be shown at the festival). Both now are in their 80s, but from the lively conversation, you'd never have known it. Brooks is a comedic legend, of course, but he's produced several dramatic films (e.g., "The Elephant Man"), and he really knows and loves his movies.

I bought a TCM festival bag from the TCM Boutique we noted recently, and also discreetly handed out about 100 or so Carole & Co. business cards in the Roosevelt lobby. One person said she had visited the site before and loved it, while another person handed me her card, for http://TheMovieGal.com, and two others asked for (and received) multiple cards to pass along to friends.

I'll have more cards to hand out Friday, with hopes I'll be able to take part in a screening or two. Hope to see you there.

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