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Say hello to Hollywood

Apologies to Billy Joel, but I have arrived in Los Angeles, specifically at the Motel 6 on Whitley Street, just north of Hollywood Boulevard. It's the same venue I stayed at during my first trip to LA nearly 25 years ago, only then it was a hostel.

The trip will blend business and pleasure -- tomorrow night, I'm traveling to Dodger Stadium to see an interleague game with the Tigers (have a good seat -- a loge box behind home plate, just beneath the Vin Scully Press Box). Wednesday, I'll begin my search for an apartment, with hopes I'll find something and move in later this year.

And later this week, the TCM Classic Film Festival takes place a few blocks from my lodging, and while it's too late to procure a pass, I'm hoping to see a few screenings on a standby basis.

It's great to be here!

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