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Time to take in some tennis

carole lombard tennis 06d

We've seen photos showing Carole Lombard playing tennis (legend has it she was among the best female players in the film community). We've seen photos showing Carole watching tennis, perhaps to notice something she could add to her game. Here's one more pic from the latter camp:

carole lombard tennis match 1935a front

To borrow a lyric from several decades later, her future's so bright she has to wear shades. And we know even more about this photo, since it's from the archives of Photoplay:

carole lombard tennis match 1935b back

It was taken at the Los Angeles Tennis Club, there's a "DEC 1935" stamp and a handwritten request: "Please use in layout if possible." Was it used? Let's check out the December 1935 issue...voila!

carole lombard photoplay december 1935ac

The pic was cropped a bit, so let's isolate it:

carole lombard photoplay december 1935ab

"Cute as a boarding school deb." Not sure if Lombard liked that comment, but we certainly do. As a bonus, the copy below includes a Carole-related item:

carole lombard photoplay december 1935ad

"Spinster Dinner" was the name of the Faith Baldwin story that was the basis of the Lombard comedy "Love Before Breakfast," though whether this blurb was what prompted Universal officials to rename the film is anyone's guess. (Moreover, when it hit theaters in early '36, Randolph Scott was nowhere to be found.)

Lombard could be found elsewhere in the issue, such as in Cal York's gossip column (as we've noted before, there really was no "Cal York" on the staff; the nom de plume represented California and New York, where the bulk of gossip items originated):

carole lombard photoplay december 1935ba
carole lombard photoplay december 1935bb

Nearly twice the sapphire fire from Lombard, unlike the struggling character she was playing in her most recent movie, one Photoplay raved about (note the star near the title):

carole lombard photoplay december 1935ca
carole lombard photoplay december 1935cb

The original photo of Carole watching tennis -- "in very good condition, sharp with excellent tonality and contrast," according to the seller -- is being sold for $125, or you can make an offer. Find out all the information at http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-VINTAGE-PUBLICITY-PRESS-PHOTO-/261428251393?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item3cde568b01.

Meanwhile, Lombard wants to get back to playing...

carole lombard tennis 10c

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