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'Screen Book,' April 1936: Carole guest edits, part 2

carole lombard screen book april 1936aa

The second half of our review of Carole Lombard's work as guest editor of the April 1936 issue of Screen Book includes a telegram from a friend of hers in the industry who'd held a similar chore on a previous issue:

carole lombard screen book april 1936ab

The telegram indicates the magazine was housed at 7046 Hollywood Boulevard. The building on that site, at the corner of North Sycamore Avenue and not far from the Roosevelt Hotel, was built in 1925 and then was known as the Hollywood Professional Building. Among the other offices it hosted was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1930, and the Screen Actors Guild while Ronald Reagan was its president. It's now home to apartments and condos:

hollywood 7046 hollywood boulevard

Armed with encouragement from Ginger Rogers, Carole went to work. And work she did...or at least added her signed observations on a number of stories.

First was an article on a person she'd worked with and liked -- so much so that three years later, when said person was struggling, Lombard insisted she be given a key role in her upcoming movie. That's Kay Francis, and read what Carole writes here at the start of the piece, "A writer who is hard to impress tells what makes Kay Francis so enchanting."...

carole lombard screen book april 1936k
carole lombard screen book april 1936lcarole lombard screen book april 1936m

Next up, a two-page pictorial on "Anthony Adverse," of which Lombard wrote, "Looking at these advanced scenes, I think you will agree that 'Anthony Adverse' will be a great picture."...

carole lombard screen book april 1936n
carole lombard screen book april 1936o

Lombard even inscribed items on Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, before they were known as "Tracy and Hepburn." Of the story on Tracy, Carole notes: "There is real drama in this unusual story about Spencer Tracy."...

carole lombard screen book april 1936r
carole lombard screen book april 1936ua
carole lombard screen book april 1936t

And here's Carole on Kate: "An amusing fact story about a colorful actress we all admire."...

carole lombard screen book april 1936p
carole lombard screen book april 1936q

There were things in the issue that Lombard presumably had nothing to do with (I'm assuming she didn't assign stories or have duties designed for full-time editors), but probably enjoyed viewing. This pictorial on Joan Blondell's new house, for example...

screen book april 1936ea

...or this fashion pictorial from off-screen friend and future on-screen rival Gail Patrick, in between ads for solutions to menstrual madness:

screen book april 1936fa
screen book april 1936ga

And, of course, there were movie ads. Blondell was among a number of Warners beauties in their latest musical, "Colleen":

screen book april 1936d

Despite the strict imposition of the Production Code, Mae West still was making much money for Paramount in "Klondike Annie":

screen book april 1936c

Finally, MGM promoted its latest extravaganza, "The Great Ziegfeld" -- whose cast included an actress who the following April would deny Lombard an Academy Award:

screen book april 1936b

We're back to verticals for Lombard LiveJournal headers...Paramount p1202-352, to be precise.

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