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A truly sweet Lombard souvenir

carole lombard william e. thomas 21a front

William E. Thomas took some of the most sensual photos of Carole Lombard while she was at Pathe Pictures in the late 1920s, and another portrait of Lombard from her Pathe days (most likely taken by Thomas) has surfaced. However, this one's designed in support of a different sort of sensuality...

carole lombard candy box 04a

...something sweet. This happens to be a candy box, and the image is from the late 1920s:

carole lombard candy box 01a

The stylish box appears to be from that time, too...

carole lombard candy box 03a

...especially since the net weight seal (one pound) is in the corner, away from the photo:

carole lombard candy box 02a

The seller calls this "seriously one of the most amazing pieces of early film memorabilia I've sold in the past few years," and we would not disagree. Carole took similar risque poses while a Mack Sennett player, but this one is new to my eyes.

Beyond that, I know little about its background. Did Pathe commission the use of these poses with a candy company, or did a local dealer do this on their own? Whatever, the seller says "Lombard looks stunning" and adds the box "measures about 8" x 10" by 1.5" deep. The box itself shows normal age wear (scruffing to the corners, etc)." This probably is a one-of-a-kind item, and while you may not want to store candy in the box, it could serve as a home for other valuable goodies.

Bidding begins at $9.99, with the auction closing at 10:19 p.m. (Eastern) next Sunday. Want to indulge your collector's sweet tooth? Then visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Carole-Lombard-risque-Glamour-Photo-Candy-Box-Art-Deco-Silent-Film-Movie-/380838727173?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58abc1ce05.

What better song to close today's entry but this? It's from a group called the Strangeloves, who passed themselves off as being Australian brothers but actually were three veterans of New York's Brill Building, home office to many '60s songwriters and producers. They had a few hits (and even opened for a Beach Boys tour after learning how to fake British accents); this was their first, reaching No. 11 in 1965, a Bo Diddley-esque song called..."I Want Candy."


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