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Carole, Clark and company

The reaction over yesterday's entry of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard pictures has been so overwhelming, I've decided to run a few more. This time, all of them feature special celebrity guests accompanying the famed couple. Enjoy!

Here's Lombard with three of her leading men over the years. You know Clark Gable and Cary Grant, but who's the third? (Hint: His initials are not CG.) You'll find the answer at the end of this entry.

Clark and Carole, presumably at a premiere of some sort, alongside one of Gable's Hollywood "rivals," Twentieth Century-Fox star Tyrone Power.

Mr. and Mrs. Gable with Jack Benny. Since neither Benny nor Lombard are in costume, if this picture was taken in conjunction with "To Be Or Not To Be," it must have come before shooting began.

Who's next to the couple here? None other than famed figure skater turned film star Sonja Henie.

To close out this entry, here's a picture we ran some time ago, but it's so charming that it deserves a second look. That's Walter Winchell in a love scene with cowgirl Carole, while Clark has turned columnist and is jotting down notes. This was probably taken at one of the famed costume parties William Randolph Hearst threw at his San Simeon castle.

Okay, the answer to the question above: That third leading man in the photo is none other than Ricardo Cortez, who played opposite Carole in "No One Man."
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