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Reliving Lombard the librarian

carole lombard nmoho 0470d

One of the jobs Carole Lombard held on screen was as a small-town librarian in the 1932 Paramount release "No Man Of Her Own." (Keep in mind that if Carole had actually held such a position 82 years ago, she wouldn't have needed a degree in library science, as few if any colleges offered such majors.)

Now, librarian Lombard is re-emerging -- as a symbol of an upcoming event later this month. The David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village, Conn., holds an annual fundraiser on or about Valentine's Day called "LOaVEs IN THE STACKS: A Sweet & Savory Benefit." It's an evening of tasty breads, games, and poetry, and wine, beer and non-alcoholic refreshments will be served. According to the library, the centerpiece "will be a 16-foot-long bread board with a variety of homemade breads ranging from sweet dessert loaves to hearty, savory breads baked by Falls Village residents. The breads will be complimented by a range of sides and condiments including cheeses and dipping sauces. Many of the breads will also be available for purchase."

Sounds tasty...but that's not all. There will also be music, games, and prizes...plus a new feature that has something to do with this year's poster:

carole lombard clark gable library benefit 00a

What's the angle? There will be a photobooth "for guests to strike a pose mimicking the event’s poster, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable in 1932’s 'No Man of Her Own.'" (Don't let on that this segment of the film actually was set in upstate New York and not Connecticut.)

I wonder how many of the patrons have actually seen the movie. And while the concept is a nice idea, I have a hunch if some of the guys were familiar with the film, they'd prefer to re-enact this pose...

carole lombard no man of her own 115b glassner

...or this:

carole lombard nmoho 0635b

And if you're really in good with her, once you take her home, perhaps she'll agree to this pre-Code pose from the film (be careful how you ask her, though):

carole lombard nmoho 0815c

Best wishes to the library for a successful event.

Lombard leans back -- looking like anything but a librarian -- in our latest LiveJournal header, Paramount p1202-346, a Eugene Robert Richee portrait.

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