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Let's blogathon again, for the third time around

carole lombard carole-tennial banner 01b
carole lombard the great silent recasting 2013a

First, there was "Carole-tennial(+3)!" for Carole Lombard on October 2011, then there was "The Great Silent Recasting" last November. Now "Carole & Co." is returning to the blogathon business, this time using a topic that's considerably more generalized than either of the previous events. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you (through the help of Carole and Fred MacMurray)...

carole lombard hands across the table 12e

"The Romantic Comedy Blogathon," set for May 1-4, 2014 (two weeks after Easter and in the midst of spring).

A check of search engines for movie blogathons revealed none had been done on this topic -- comedies, yes, but they tended to be more along the lines of Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy. Great comedians to be sure, but the genre of romantic comedies tended to get lost in the shuffle. So we're taking the initiative, looking for anything related to romantic (or screwball) comedy, from silent days to recent stuff.

As usual for such events, propose a topic and a day you wish to publish it, then get back to me. And to give you some inspiration, not only can you copy and resize the banner above, but here are several more banners you can do the same thing with:

it happened one night 00c

libeled lady 07b

ninotchka 00b

More information on the blogathon (not to mention more banners) will be available soon. Hope this premise gets you to thinking...

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