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The Indianapolis War Bond Receipts

Hi, Gang --

We do have one of the original Indy war bond receipts, but contrary to what was written in a couple of Lombard biographies, the signatures on the bond receipts were printed onto the receipts, along with the photos. None were hand-signed that we've been able to uncover. Keep in mind that the scene in the rotunda was a virtual madhouse, with thousands of people all very active at the same time.

It took the Archive many, many years to track this one down. I'll do my very best to dig it out of the files and get it scanned for you -- it doesn't scan all that well because it's printed in half-tone (the photo comes out looking peculiar, similarly to scanning a newspaper photo), but will see what sort of image I can obtain for you.

Vince, particularly in this month of January, the Archive and I personally want to thank you for all your fine work on this site. Your patience for research is indefatigable, and you've uncovered stuff even WE were barely aware of. Missy Carole would be mighty proud, and grateful for your devotion honoring her. I'm certain she's smiling in your direction.

Please feel to post this to the main thread; I tried to figure out how to start a new thread but was unable to do it on this particular computer I'm using (at a friend's house for the evening).


Carole (no, the OTHER one)

The Lombard Archive

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