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The leggy Lombard

A few weeks ago, we had an entry of an array of photos that showed Carole Lombard in a swimsuit. Well, even when she was wearing other things, Lombard found ways to show off her legs, which ranked with the best among Hollywood stars. Here's proof. Some of these stills were expressly designed as Lombard leg art; in others, Carole merely gives us a glimpse of her glamorous gams, whether bare or in stockings. (Lombard wore silk hose during the thirties, and presumably tried nylons after their introduction in the spring of 1940.) Enjoy!

Okay, the last one is a swimsuit shot. Just in case you missed the earlier pix!

In his book "Hollywood Cheesecake: 60 Years of Leg Art," veteran studio still photographer Madison S. Lacy called Lombard, whom he worked with on a few occasions, "a classy leg-art lady...Carole was always a star who didn't act like one." He said Lombard "knew how to pose, and she knew the value of good leg art. She was also careful to avoid bad leg art."
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