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An initial look at 'Movie Life'

carole lombard nothing sacred blu-ray 02a

As leaves fell to the ground in autumn 1937, Carole Lombard would soon hit screens -- in Technicolor -- pretending to be ill in "Nothing Sacred," at a time when her career was at her healthiest, and when a new film magazine hit the newsstands, called...

movie life november 1937a cover

...Movie Life (that's Ginger Rogers on the cover of its initial issue, from November 1937). It was published by New York-based Ultem Publications, whose stable also included Modern Movies.

Unlike Photoplay, Motion Picture or other movie fan mags, Movie Life was primarily a pictorial publication -- and one of its first-issue features was on "Nothing Sacred." The piece was called "Valiant Is The Word For Carole," a takeoff on the 1936 Gladys George drama "Valiant Is The Word For Carrie." (Many of you who are Three Stooges fans probably know one of their shorts from about this time was called "Violent Is The Word For Curly.") It's a fun read, with some nice, rarely-seen pics:

carole lombard movie life november 1937aa
carole lombard movie life november 1937b
carole lombard movie life november 1937ca

Other people in Lombard's life made the issue, too. Take Clark Gable, who in this two-page spread showed the outdoors side of self that Carole would soon come to know:

movie life november 1937a
movie life november 1937b

Gable leading lady and Lombard friend Myrna Loy showed off her new home in the Hollywood Hills:

movie life november 1937c

The last line of the above story noted Loy's latest pairing with former Lombard husband William Powell, "Double Wedding." And Movie Life gave it a four-page pictorial:

movie life november 1937d
movie life november 1937e
movie life november 1937f
movie life november 1937g

"Double Wedding" is deemed one of the lesser works in the Powell-Loy canon, perhaps in part because during its filming, Jean Harlow died, and Powell -- who was romantically involved with her -- understandably found it difficult to cope with her loss.

Lombard would have to wait until the January 1938 issue to grace Movie Life's cover, one she would have to share with that truly most wooden of leading men:

carole lombard movie life january 1938a cover

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