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The 'Virtue' of a pre-Code.com review

carole lombard virtue 52a
carole lombard virtue 1d

Few would rate "Virtue" among Carole Lombard's best movies, but there is enough in this, her first of five films for Columbia, to show that perhaps Harry Cohn saw something in the 23-year-old Carole that her home studio of Paramount didn't (even if what he saw was merely lust for Lombard, which became part of Hollywood lore when she used her power of inventive invective to spurn his advances; they got along well from then on). Without Columbia -- the studio that ultimately gave her the big break she needed with "Twentieth Century" in 1934 -- Lombard might have languished for several years in Paramount purgatory.

We bring this up because the fine site http://pre-code.com/ recently reviewed "Virtue" and, for the most part, had pretty good things to say about the film. (I should also note the writer had some compliments for "Carole & Co.", but don't let that dissuade you from reading it.) The reviewer, Danny, calls the film "surprisingly gritty" and adds,

"'Virtue‘s many little twists keeps it a fun romp, and Carole Lombard’s devious smile and sly dramatic chops never cease feeling like a revelation. ... Thanks to a good script and excellent acting, 'Virtue' is a nice little gem from Columbia."

You can read the review at http://pre-code.com/virtue-1932-review-carole-lombard/.

The site includes plenty of screen caps, of which I'm appropriating a few. Once on board the train following her conviction for prostitution, we see Carole's character...or at least the legs of Carole's character. And I'm pretty sure, as was the case for Claudette Colbert a year and a half later for the hitchhiking scene in "It Happened One Night" (also at Columbia), no leg double was used:

carole lombard virtue 35

Here's Carole, hiding out at buddy Mayo Methot's place:

carole lombard virtue 36

Danny put captions on some of these screen caps; here's one I kept because it's so amazingly accurate:

carole lombard virtue 37

After meeting a taxi driver played by Pat O'Brien, Carole stiffs his fare, but later makes good and gets a legit job:

carole lombard virtue 39
carole lombard virtue 41

Not knowing her sordid past, the cabbie falls for and marries the one-time streetwalker...

carole lombard virtue 45

...but on their wedding night, he discovers the truth about the background of his wife, yet decides to stick with her:

carole lombard virtue 29
carole lombard virtue 48

There's more to come in the story, including mistaken identity and a murder, but eventually the couple purchases a service station and the happy ending is hardly subtle:

carole lombard virtue 43
carole lombard virtue 34
carole lombard virtue 27a

"Virtue" is part of the Columbia Pictures pre=Code collection, and more on that DVD set can be found at http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film4/dvd_reviews57/columbia_pictures_pre-code_collection.htm

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