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Let's (blog)roll

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We're on the set of Paramount's "Swing High, Swing Low," watching (from left) cinematographer Ted Tetzlaff, director Mitchell Leisen and stars Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray prepare a scene. Barring the invention of a time machine, we can't zap ourselves back to late 1936 or early '37 to watch them in action...but for those of us who love classic film, we can do the next best thing and immerse ourselves in the era.

We now have a new way to learn more about the golden age of Hollywood -- it's called the Ultimate Movie Blogroll. It states, "Our goal is to be the web's largest list of amateur movie blogs! No blogathons. No awards. No comments. Just the ultimate in movie blogrolls."

I was preparing to nominate "Carole & Co.", when I discovered to my delight it already was there. In fact, as of this writing, I counted 92 blogs -- many of them old friends, others I had never been aware of before. (Quite a few have or will participate in this weekend's "Breaking News: Journalism In Classic Film Blogathon.")

The Ultimate Movie Blogroll should make a fine one-stop reference when you want to see what's going on in the classic film blogosphere; I look forward to using it regularly. The site is at http://movie-blogroll.blogspot.com/, where you can learn the requirements for getting your blog included. Carole looks forward to seeing you there.

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