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Stamped out for '08: Bette yes, Carole no

A famed actress who will have the centennial of her birth celebrated in 2008 will be the subject of next year's "Legends Of Hollywood" commemorative stamp.

Unfortunately, it's not the actress many of us were rooting for.

Nothing against Bette Davis, who certainly is one of filmdom's all-time greats and was a multiple Oscar winner. (Some have said they wish the Davis image chosen had come from her younger days in the '30s or early '40s rather than the more matronly "All About Eve" look, but that's neither here nor there.) And in terms of name recognition, she certainly brings more to the table than Carole Lombard does. (I suppose you could also blame Jackie DeShannon, who wrote that big hit song with Davis in the title, and Kim Carnes, who sang it.)

Still, many of us were hoping against hope that Lombard -- one of Hollywood's most beloved personalities, noted for her generosity as well as for her beauty and talent, and who died in a plane crash returning from a war bond tour -- might somehow beat the odds and get the call from the Postal Service. Alas, it wasn't to be.

More on the "Legends Of Hollywood" stamp series can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/35054.html. One assumes the 2009 selection will be male, and the next actress may not be featured until 2010 or 2011. Carole's competition then would likely include Joan Crawford (whose fans are probably livid that archrival Bette has beaten Joan to the philatelic punch), Barbara Stanwyck, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers and Mary Pickford. In 2013, Katharine Hepburn will have been dead 10 years and thus eligible for a stamp. However, if enough people write on Lombard's behalf, perhaps she'll be the next actress to get the honor.

In the meantime, we'll always have Karakalpakia:

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