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Romancing the screen in '32

carole lombard screen romances april 1932 cover large

Carole Lombard graced the cover of the magazine Screen Romances on several occasions; this may have been the first time she was honored, on the April 1932 issue. I don't believe she was featured inside, but many other stars were, such as Frances Dee...

screen romances april 1932aa

and Bette Davis and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.:

screen romances april 1932ba

Movie stories profiled included "Polly Of The Circus," starring Marion Davies and Clark Gable (as a minister!)...

screen romances april 1932ca

...and "Arsene Lupin," starring John and Lionel Barrymore:

screen romances april 1932da

The magazine is in good condition; according to the seller, it has "some wear, soil covers/spine cuts/loose cover from spine." You can buy it straight up for $39.99. Want to add to your collection of Carole covers? Then go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/SCREEN-ROMANCES-1932-CAROLE-LOMBARD-MARION-DAVIES-BETTE-DAVIS-BARRYMORE-GABLE-/400544368409?pt=Magazines&hash=item5d424e0719.

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