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carole lombard 04

We're havin' a party...

Posted by vp19 on 2013.08.01 at 18:11
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carole lombard1935a  cary grant marlene dietrich richard barthelme

The party she threw at the Venice Pier amusement park in June 1935 has long been a part of Carole Lombard lore (she's seen here with Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich and Richard Barthelmess). But have you ever read a contemporary account of the goings-on? Now you can.

Associated Press writer Ted Smits attended the event, and his report made plenty of papers the next day, including the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Evening Independent:

carole lombard 061735a st. petersburg evening independent

The article confirms several stories about the party, such as Dietrich suffering some cosmetic damage to her famed legs, as she told her daughter Maria Riva when she returned later that night (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/414055.html). Perhaps this is where it happened:

carole lombard marlene dietrich 1935 venice party 00a

It also tells of how Marlene and Paramount stablemate Claudette Colbert had some fun on a slide:

carole lombard claudette colbert marlene dietrich 1935a venice party 00

Lili Damita apparently was given a rather unorthodox entrance, courtesy of a gust of air that lifted her skirt. However, she recovered her composure to pose with Carole. Marlene and husband Errol Flynn:

carole lombard 1935a party marlene dietrich lili damita errol

We also learned some of the other personalities who attended, including Edmund Lowe (more than a decade after he had been Lombard's first leading man in "Marriage In Transit"), Mary Brian, Robert Benchley, Bessie Love and Bruce Cabot. However, Smits made no reference to the presence of non-celebrities, the rank-and-file studio employees Carole made sure to invite.

Here are some of the other pics from the party, first Lombard with Frances Drake and Josephine Hutchinson:

carole lombard 1935a party frances drake, jo. hutchinson

Carole is seen with Randolph Scott, Toby Wing and executive A.C. Blumenthal:

carole lombard 1935a party randolph scott a.c. blumenthal

Carole has fun with Ruth Chatterton and Barthelmess...

carole lombard 1935a party chatterton barthelmess large

...and likewise with Colbert:

carole lombard claudette colbert june 1935 venice party 00

Finally, Lombard with Mr. and Mrs. Clive Brook and Warner Baxter:

carole lombard 1935a party large mr. & mrs. clive brook warne

Must have been plenty of fun.

We kick off August with Paramount p1202-155 as our Lombard LiveJournal header.

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