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'Radio Mirror,' June 1937: What Carole Lombard taught Fred MacMurray

carole lombard radio 00a

As we've noted in the past, radio became a substantial part of Carole Lombard's career in the late 1930s...and while she really wasn't a radio regular, she appeared on enough broadcasts to be known for her work on the air. In fact, Carole's first radio-related cover probably came in June 1937, when she shared Radio Mirror honors with Fred MacMurray:

carole lombard radio mirror june 1937a cover

The topic, one that should have come as no surprise to those familiar with either person's work on the screen, was how Lombard helped elicit a good performance from a nervous MacMurray, who was replacing Dick Powell as host of radio's "Hollywood Hotel":

carole lombard radio mirror june 1937aa
carole lombard radio mirror june 1937ba
carole lombard radio mirror june 1937ca
carole lombard radio mirror june 1937da
carole lombard radio mirror june 1937ea

Note that one of the jump pages features an ad with Dorothy Lamour, one of the co-stars of Lombard and MacMurray's "Swing High, Swing Low." Smart planning.

It was about this time, beginning in 1936, that Hollywood became an increasingly integral part of network radio. We'll have more on the topic in later entries.

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